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If you have any questions not answered here, please contact me via email  or phone at 949-264-2713.

You can also find me on instagram and facebook.

What kind of cans do you use?

Depending on the available cans, the selection of screensaverkritters changes from time to time. However, blue Bud Lights, various color LaCroix, Monster drink, Pepsi and Coke cans are pretty much a mainstay. 



How can I choose and buy kritters?

If you live in Orange County, CA please note I have recently relocated to Chattanooga, TN and because you know that it is so much fun choosing the screensaverkritters yourself the best way is to do a facetime call with you so you can see what is available.


Or, I'd be happy to choose for you once you make your selection of which screensaverkritters you are interested in.

saddleback march 2019.jpg

What kind of designs are there?


Head on over to the kritters page to see samples of the various designs. I am always adding new kritters, many by request from customers.

By far the most popular are hummingbirds, bees, and dragonflies, but unicorns, mermaids, and dancing angels are also in big demand.

Don't see a shape you really want? Contact me and I'll see if I can custom make them for you.


How big are these kritters?

Most designs are about 2 inches x 3 inches. Exceptions are the motorcycle, unicorns, mermaids, frogs, and ornaments which are rather big, and little birds and snowflakes which are a bit smaller.


How do the kritters attach to the screen?

Kritters attach to the screen via an earring post and silicon backing. As such they do not damage your screen in any way and can be are easily moved. Some of the bigger designs, may have 2 ear ring posts for additional stability.

See the short video written, directed, and filmed by my amazing and lovely granddaughters.

Check out their website


Can I attach kritters to a phantom/retractable screen?

No! DON'T do it!

Because phantom/retractable screens roll up into a housing, kritters will break and may damage your screen. Only attach them to sliding screen doors, NOT phantom/retractable screens!

How much do they cost? What payments do you accept?

You can mix and match kritters at 3 for $10, 7 for $20, with additional discounts for larger orders.


Specialty kritters, such as the motorcycle are $8 each.

Keep checking back for special seasonal sales for real bargains.

At this time, I can accept payments via venmo and paypal.


Can you ship and where are you?

We are now located in Chattanooga, TN. I will ship USPS for nominal shipping fee of $3.75 within the USA.

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